In the late 1940's, Mr. Bee started training in Wado Ryu karate Do under the tutelage of sensei's Hirano, Nihua and Misutani at the kanoumichi zen buddhist temple in central japan. For some reason, Mr. Bee was not able to compete in the championship bout in a coveted tournament, wherein He had to be content as the second place winner, becoming the first non japanese to win in the All Japan Karate do championship. He was then merely an ikkyu(1st Class Brown Belt). Mr. Bee served in the U.S. Airforce and was stationed in the Philippines. It was there in P.I. where He met brother's Demetrio and Guerrero Watanabe Francisco and two others namely Roger Bernardo and Carding Valerio. It was then 1955. And on 1958, the Nihon Karate Do Wado Kai awarded certificates to Demetrio, Guerrero and Carding becoming the first filipinos to receive the rank of Sho Dan in Wado Ryu. Sensei Demetrio continued his training in Wado Ryu and formed the Wado Style Karate Association and eventually, He received more promotions from Wado Kai. He is now responsible for the Wado Ryu activities in the chinese island of Taiwan. In the Mid of 1960's, Mr. Bee created Ken Zen Ichii and established branches in the Angeles City and Pampanga area in Philippines and in Ojai and Ventura county in California. Mr. Bee appointed sensei Guerrero as succesor to the leadership of Ken Zen Ichii. To date Ken Zen Ichii has representatives in the Philippines which includes the Ken Zen Ichii Karate Assn. in Pampanga and the Ken Zen Ichii Ki Zen Do Kai in Las Pinas City Philippines. In the United States, Ken Zen Ichii karate Association is headed by Sensei David Segovia and Sensei Ira Watanabe, Sensei Guerrero's Son heads The Ken Zen Ichii Wado Style Karate Do in Tochigi, Japan. Mr. Bee, together with His disciples does not consider Ken Zen Ichii as a breakaway from Wado Ryu but rather an offspring of this unique system.

SOURCE: Ira Watanabe when he was still learning the theories and history from Mr.Bee, Sensei's Guerrero & Demetrio. And from the facts shared to him by Sensei's Robling Sanchez, Bert Tayag, Gerry Bailey and H.Escalante.

NOTE: Orlando Centeno received instructions from Mr. Bee, but he was certified by Sensei Herminigildo "Erning" Escalante. He is now the owner of Centeno's Gym, a body building gym. Orlando Centeno was NEVER the founder or creator of KEN ZEN ICHII.