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Ken zen ichii is a japanese martial discipline created by a zen buddhist priest named Arthur Beverford. Though not japanese, "Mr. Bee" as He is known to his friends, is japanese in heart and spirit. And ken zen ichii which means the congregation of the human being, Physically, Mentally and Spiritually, is Mr. Bee's buddhist name. Trained in different oriental arts, Mr. Bee combined most of his knowledge to form ken zen ichii, and "Wado Ryu" his mother system is the main roots in the foundation of ken zen ichii. Which is why the hard elements found in other system is not present in ken zen ichii. The current head of ken zen ichii kai is Sensei Guerrero Watanabe Francisco. A member of the board of directors for the california based Pacific Martial Arts Alliance. He currently serves as director of the Philippine branch of the said alliance. And Demetrio, his elder brother, serves as the alliance grand master, is holding office at the alliance branch in Taiwan wherein he also heads the Taiwan based Wado Style Karate Association. An organization passed on to Him by Mr. Bee prior to the formation of ken zen ichii.